Pests and insects in the workplace result in financial and reputational losses for your business and pose a significant health risk to employees and customers.

Koreserv offers a professional and efficient pest control service to mitigate these risks.

We are committed to providing a cost effective solution through expert quality control measures and management systems that achieve ongoing results with minimum impact to the environment.



Eradication rats and mice from your business is critical to avoid the high costs of structural damage to your premises and to prevent the spread of disease.

Preventative measures include tamper proof bait boxes installed around your business perimeter with regular inspections and servicing to ensure effective rodent control.


Cockroaches, ants, bedbugs, termites, moths or other insects can wreak havoc in your business. Our extensive experience in pest control can help prevent insect infestation that could result in lost customers.

Services include monitor boards, pheromone lures and insecticidal treatments.


Our range of wall-mounted or ceiling suspended light traps offer effective flying insect control for all commercial premises.

Eco-friendly fly traps units use a unique translucent technology to eliminate insects quickly and safely.


Here are some of the most common questions, along with the complete answers from our support experts.

Koreserv is an accredited Security Service Provider with PSIRA (Reg no. – 1188043). Koreserv directors attend the police forum meetings.All staff follow a Procedure manual (SPM) and Service Level Agreement (SLA).

This Procedure Manual is effectively signed and measured by an SLA.


All training is based on the Procedure manual and SLA. Professional training is given to Security Guards focusing on the client’s – asset protection and Parking management. ​

PSIRA accredited training and grading for a professional and high standard.

Staff uniforms are supplied by Koreserv. The unique, non-crease design provides maximum comfort and is highly visible to clearly portray Koreserv’s professional image. 

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ROI How can I measure the performance of Koreserv service?
Security staff are monitored through the following processes and systems:

Effective monitoring is crucial to ensure staff safety. Koreserv uses online management software to track remote staff locations, communicate with users or pull shift reports.

Site information can be pre-programmed directly on the device. Eliminating paper timesheets, incident, supervisor, vehicle and customer reports allows managers to focus on business efficiency, improves performance and delivers a superior customer service.

The Smartlinq system is an effective communication tool similar to a mobile phone but only allows the user to dial pre-programmed numbers. The device is tracked by our control centre.

Supervisor’s routes and vehicles are tracked by Mix Telematics .

Koreserv uses a closed-circuit TV camera system called, “Coben”. 24 Hour Control Centre.

Reports can be provided, on request, or as per the SLA. The above systems and processes are used as a performance management tool.