The supply and management of cleaning services is one of Korerserv’s core business functions.

We have been operational in the cleaning services business since 2004 and have extensive industry knowledge and experience. This expertise is filtered down from our dynamic management team to the staff on the ground.

Using only top of the range materials, our highly trained team is qualified to deliver the most effective cleaning solution for your facility.

When it comes to your cleaning needs, we focus on quality and efficiency. Koreserv is proud to offer the latest in hygiene and safety standards.



New sites are carefully evaluated by experienced skills trainers who determine specific needs and prepare work plans and time schedules.

To optimise productivity, each staff member is trained according to the site cleaning programme.

Equipment and chemical recommendations are made on floor types, durability and volume of foot traffic.​

Professional training is given to cleaning staff to ensure optimum hygiene, safety and equipment care.


Here are some of the most common questions, along with the complete answers from our support experts.

Koreserv is an accredited member of the NCCA.

Registration no. – WC120All.

Our staff follow a personalised Service Level Agreement (SLA) constructed for your company for an “outcome based model”.

How can I be sure that training is in line with my expectations? All training is based on a Procedure manual and SLA. Koreserv staff are constantly monitored, evaluated and encouraged to develop individual skill sets. 

Staff uniforms are supplied by Koreserv. The unique, non-crease design provides maximum comfort and is highly visible to clearly portray Koreserv’s professional image.



ROI How can I measure the performance of Koreserv service?
Security staff are monitored through the following processes and systems:

Effective monitoring is crucial to ensure staff safety. Koreserv uses online management software to track remote staff locations, communicate with users or pull shift reports.

Site information can be pre-programmed directly on the device. Eliminating paper timesheets, incident, supervisor, vehicle and customer reports allows managers to focus on business efficiency, improves performance and delivers a superior customer service.

The Smartlinq system is an effective communication tool similar to a mobile phone but only allows the user to dial pre-programmed numbers. The device is tracked by our control centre.

Supervisor’s routes and vehicles are tracked by Mix Telematics .

Koreserv uses a closed-circuit TV camera system called, “Coben”. 24 Hour Control Centre.

Reports can be provided, on request, or as per the SLA. The above systems and processes are used as a performance management tool.